How to Lace Air Max 95 Shoes

Nike produces the Air Max 95 which employs a standard looping system located along the tongue of the shoe for lacing. Consumers of the Nike Air Max 95 shoes will find the laces are included in the original sale and the shoes might even be pre-laced. The standard laces and lacing techniques provided by a retailer may not be the exact style or lace pattern you wish to display on your Nike Air Max 95 shoes. You can re-lace your shoes using only your fingers and laces.

Position one of your Air Max 95 shoes so that the toe end is located closest to you.

Measure the middle point of the shoe lace by holing both ends together and following the lace with your fingers from the ends to the middle. Pinch the middle of the lace and insert one of the ends into the horizontal lace loop located at the base of the tongue. Position the lace so the middle of the lace that you pinched is situated in the middle of the horizontal lace loop.

Thread the right end of the lace into the right vertical lace loop directly next to the horizontal lace loop at the base of the tongue. Pull the lace tight and prevent it from slipping by pinching the horizontal lace loop. Take the right end of the lace and cross over the tongue of the shoe, inserting it into the second vertical lace loop from the end of the shoe on the left side. The Air Max 95′s tongue is equipped with vertical loops and you may thread the lace through the tongue if you wish.

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