Fun Games for Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible studies are meant to be a place for learning, growing and encouragement. It’s a place where women should feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable when needing encouragement. It should be a place where women can receive spiritual food and also a place to give friendship and a listening ear to others. One way to help a group of women feel comfortable with each other and develop emotional bonds is through fun games. Infuse fun games for women’s Bible study to help women feel comfortable and to provide an environment for spiritual and personal growth.

Ice Breaker Games

Ice breaker games are a good way to get women to engage in conversation and sew the seeds of a friendship and mutual respect. “If I Were Queen of the World” is an icebreaker game that will really get women talking. Hand every person an index card when she arrives and ask her to write down what law she would put into effect if she were the queen of the world. Some will answer with a serious statement, such as bring prayer back to public school, while other women will answer with something more lighthearted. When everyone arrives, have each woman read from her card. Laughter and discussions are sure to follow.

Bible Trivia Games

Bible trivia games are not only fun to play at a women’s Bible study, but help the players learn more about the Bible in the process. One Bible trivia game that is particularly appropriate for a women’s Bible is a trivia about the women of the Bible. Ask questions such as, “Who was 90 years old when she gave birth to a child?” and have each women team up with a partner to answer the question. Give extra points if the team is able to supply a Bible reference with the answer. In the Bible, Sarah became a mother at the age of 90 (Genesis 17:15-17). Other Bible trivia games can be about general biblical themes, or choose trivia questions about a particular book, chapter or subject that the group has recently studied.

Moral Issues Games

Women’s Bible study groups often deal with moral and social issues and how those issues relate to the Bible and biblical principles. Tackle some hard issues through fun games. Before the women arrive for Bible study, write some moral dilemma situations on small slips of paper. When the women arrive, ask the question, “What would you do if….” and ask each person to draw a slip of paper and answer the question written on it as honestly as possibly. For instance, someone may draw a slip of paper that says, “Found $10,000 in a bag at the laundromat.” The woman then has to answer what she would do in that situation. Another fun moral game is “Two Truths and a Lie.” Each woman shares three factual-sounding things about her life, but only two of the statements are true. The other players try to guess which is the lie. This game will bring-up the topic of honesty and lying.

Other Fun Games for Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible study should be a place of self-exploration and expression. Write the word “ME” in large bubble letters on a piece of paper and reproduce it so every women has a copy. Hand out magazines and ask each participant to cut out pictures that pertain to her. These can be images that represent hobbies, family life or can be representative of a spiritual victory, battle or defeat. Finding pictures and sharing with others will not only be fun, but will help women get to know each other and themselves better.

Games that encourage each others are also appropriate for women’s Bible study. Write every woman’s name on a piece of paper and put them in a bowl. Have each woman secretly pick the name of another member who she can encourage that week. Encouragement can come simply as an encouraging note or Scripture written on a handmade card or a fresh flower brought to her workplace.

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