My Range Rovers CarMax Warranty Is Now Half Over And It’s Saved Me More Than $6000

There are two reasons why today is a momentous day in the history of my used Range Rover. Number one, because its famous CarMax warranty is now officially half over. And number two, because it is currently broken and sitting at the dealer awaiting repair work.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, thats right: I have now covered 33,000 miles in my CarMax Range Rover, which means that its six-year, 66,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty is officially halfway complete. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, thats right: it has broken again. In fact, it broke while I was filming todays video about how unreliable it has been. Chalk that up to cosmic coincidence, or maybe manifest destiny, or maybe a typical day in the life of used Range Rover ownership.

Youd know all about my latest breakdown if you followed me on Twitter, because I posted a picture of the issue a few days ago. But well get to the repair next week, once we find out a) exactly whats wrong, and b) exactly how much CarMax will be paying for it. Instead, today is a day of celebration; a day of joy; a day of cheerful commemoration. A day where the Land Rover public relations department can throw their fists halfway in the air and let out half-deep sighs of relief.

To celebrate this milestone event, Ive decided to devote todays column to taking a little look back at all the wonderful moments C and by this I mean annoying breakdowns C Ive had with my Range Rover over the past three years.

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