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My Range Rovers CarMax Warranty Is Now Half Over And It’s Saved Me More Than $6000

There are two reasons why today is a momentous day in the history of my used Range Rover. Number one, because its famous CarMax warranty is now officially half over. And number two, because it is currently broken and sitting at the dealer awaiting repair work. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, thats right: I have now [...]

About Family Life in Colonial New Jersey

Life in Colonial New Jersey focused on the family, religion and the father’s business or occupation. Unlike families in some of the other original 13 colonies who had to worry about hostile Indians, families in New Jersey maintained a peaceful coexistence with the local Lenni-Lenape. Some aspects of family life were influenced by the English [...]

The Advantages & Disadvantages of the Common Law Family

A common law marriage is a marriage where the couples live together without obtaining a marriage license. States that recognize common law marriage vary on the amount of time the couple has to live together for the arrangement to be considered a marriage. The couple must do more than live together; they must act like [...]

Fun Games for Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible studies are meant to be a place for learning, growing and encouragement. It’s a place where women should feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable when needing encouragement. It should be a place where women can receive spiritual food and also a place to give friendship and a listening ear to others. One way [...]

How to Lace Air Max 95 Shoes

Nike produces the Air Max 95 which employs a standard looping system located along the tongue of the shoe for lacing. Consumers of the Nike Air Max 95 shoes will find the laces are included in the original sale and the shoes might even be pre-laced. The standard laces and lacing techniques provided by a [...]

Bringing it to the masses

So, the Nike Air Max Zero was placed on hold only to be officially released in 2016. The Nike Air Max 1 then would become the first commercially introduced running shoe that featured the Nike Air-Sole technology with Visible Air unit. The next step was bringing this revolutionary technology to the people. Nike was a [...]

30 Years ahead of its time, the Air Max Zero

Many people credit the Air Max 1 as being the first in the illustrious line of Nike Air Max shoes to feature the groundbreaking visible Air Unit. A little known fact, however, the Air Max Zero was in actuality designed before the 1s – only to be put on hold. Tinker Hatfield knew that this [...]

Nike Air Max Technology

Although Tinker Hatfield was the one who designed the window feature and visible Air-Sole unit, David Forland, the Director of Cushioning Innovation, was already working on improving the Air-Sole technology. Former NASA engineer Marion Frank Rudy is credited with actually creating the Air technology. It evolved because Forland found that he could add more air [...]

Nike Air Max Story

Nike has always had an eclectic palette from which their design inspirations have been drawn from, so its no surprise that Tinker Hatfields inspiration for the Nike Air Max line was the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Originally hired as a corporate architect designing office spaces, showrooms, and stores, Hatfield was asked to become a [...]

Comfortable and light Nike Air Max 90 Sale Cheap Sneakerboot Women On Sale

Comfortable and light Nike Air Max 90 Sale Cheap Sneakerboot Women On Sale NIKE’s Air Max sneaker, released in 1987, marks the beginning of visible technology. Since then, each generation of Air Max sports shoes has improved on the basis of previous, providing more robust shock, but also highlights the growing ability to innovate. In [...]

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