Nike Air Max Story

Nike has always had an eclectic palette from which their design inspirations have been drawn from, so its no surprise that Tinker Hatfields inspiration for the Nike Air Max line was the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Originally hired as a corporate architect designing office spaces, showrooms, and stores, Hatfield was asked to become a part of the shoe design team.

Hatfield himself said that all elements of design, architecture and shoe design included, are a culmination of art, science, and culture. On a visit to Paris, France, Hatfield came across one of the most controversial buildings in the French capital; Centre Georges Pompidou. This machine-like structure looked like it was inside out, everted with everything exposed. The building was also brightly colored so it could be noticed from far away and stand out. This beautiful disaster that Renzo Piano designed would become the inspiration that Hatfield would take back to Nikes Beaverton Campus and then put the wheels in motion for what would be called, Nike Air Max and the iconic visible air unit.

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